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Friday, 23 December 2016



Actran is CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) Software which offers solution for Acoustic activities of mechanical system and components. Actran is established by Free Field Technologies.

Free Field Technologies founded by Jean Pierre Coyette and Jean Louis Migeot in 1998, situated in Belgian.  Actran development start in 1998 by Jean Pierre Coyette and Jean Louis Migeot. In starting, Actran is developed by Free Field Technologies, but later in 2011 it is also develop by MSC Software Corporation. In 2011, MSC Software Corporation acquired Free Field Technologies.

Jean Pierre Coyette and Jean Louis Migeot idea is to develop a Finite-Element based software which provide solution for Vibro-Acoustic problems. With the help of Finite-Element Method now Actran offers simulation of difficult noise system, different type of material used in CAD model and handle multi-degree freedom models. At starting, Actran main purpose is to provide the simulation of Acoustic transmission in the complex barriers area of the geometry. As Actran use Finite Element Method, it overcome the limitations of Boundary Element Method. Actran fundamental feature is use of infinite elements (IE). Actran use conjugated infinite elements, provide extension to wave envelope procedure.

The name Actran made from 2 words: Acoustic and Transmission.

Initial Development of Actran project was funded by an industrial confederation and main commercial release of Actran is generally available in 2002. A three year exclusiveness period of Actran is given to industrial confederation members.

Actran is developed with python and C++ languages. Actran is available for both Windows and Linux operating system. Currently Actran is divided into 8 software module with licenses, for users easy and need.
Actran divided into 8 modules are:
  • Actran Acoustics
  • Actran VibroAcoustics
  • Actran AeroAcoustics
  • Actran SNGR
  • Actran for Trimmed bodies
  • Actran TM
  • Actran DGM (Discontinuous Galerkin Method)
  • Actran VI
  • Actran Student Edition

Actran software is incorporated with MSC Nastran for vibro-acoustic analysis. MSC Nastran model converted into Actran input file and structural modes data is used in Actran simulation. Structural mode data is generated with Actran or third party CAE software. Actran is merged with MSC software products like: MSC Adams, MSC Nastran SOL700, Dytran and MSC Marc.

Actran Acoustics modules deals analysis of Acoustic radiation, softly coupled vibro-acoustic. Actran VibroAcoustics module deals analysis of toughly coupled vibro-acoustic. Actran AeroAcoustics module offers analysis of computational aeroacoustics. Actran for Trimmed bodies module offers analysis for trimmed body. Actran TM module offers analysis for turbo-machinery noise. Actran DGM module offers for answering Linearized Euler Equations. Actran VI module offers communal interface for all modules, used as pre-processor and post-processor. Actran Student module offer student edition with limited modules for student.

Jean Pierre Coyette at the present professor at Louvain School of Engineering. Jean Louis Migeot currently professor at University Libre de bruxelles and in past, president of Royal Academy of Science and letters and fine arts of Belgium.

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